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Papa, Did We Break It?
Sketches from Street Performer's Journal

In 2005, Len published an anthology of personal stories and adventures.

From dinosaurs and pipe-bombs in the rural New Jersey of his boyhood, to chasing down a burglar on the midnight streets of Cambridge; from street performing in New Orleans to the joys and sorrows of raising his two young sons; these stories are as varied as they are engaging. Humorous, irreverant and thoughtful, this is the chronicle of a truly unique character.

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Leonard Solomon and
The Majestic Bellowphone
circa 1985

Leonard Solomon and
The Callioforte
circa 1994

Leonard Solomon
circa 1985

Signing an autograph
in Japan 1999

The Phenomenon 2006

The Mad Minstrel
with Dog Whistles at
King Richard's Faire 2006